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Growing Trees From Seed


Getting Started

Choosing the right tree from which to collect your seeds 

will have a huge impact on how resilient our landscape will be in 100 years. 

It is best to observe the biggest, oldest, healthiest and most beautiful trees in your neighbourhood over the seasons and figure out a strategy on how you could collect their seeds when it is the right time. E.g. establish a relationship with the owner of the property.

If you already know where your future trees will be placed, find a tree that has similar growing conditions regarding soil structure, moisture content, wind and sun exposure.

  Collecting seeds might be the trickiest part of growing your own trees. It is very important to be well informed and very observant when your tree of choice will offer ripe seeds or berries. We are racing with squirrels, mice, chipmunks and birds who are ahead of the game. Watching them can help us to get the timing right.

When you collect your seeds make sure to write the location/ tree you got them from as well as the date on the batch. Always add this information to anywhere the seeds go that you can trace the origin of the sapling to the permanent site. This information is also important to match the right trees to the growing conditions of your site. 


Any potting soil works well,
the finer the better.
Potting soil with mycorrhizal fungi can make it easier for the plants to uptake nutrients.


All containers must have enough holes to drain excess water. Most important is the hight of a container to allow for a healthy root development. 2l milk cartons, 2l plastic beverage bottles, any potting containers and raised beds can be used. Those keep the moisture level for a long period of time.
Biodegradable and cloth pots have benefits, environmental impact and better root development but dry out faster.


All saplings benefit from enough sunlight.


Easy To Grow Trees

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White and Red Oaks


Sugar and Silver Maples

Maples coming soon

Eastern Redbud

Redbud coming soon

Choke Cherry

Cherries coming soon