Webinar Recordings

Recording of our community webinar
on January, 18th 2022
on how to successfully grow native plants from seed.

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Webinar with Joyce Hostyn, a rewilder from Kingston, ON. She is also the force behind creating Miyawaki forests in Kingston. Find out more.


Past Events

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Native Plant Sale Spring 2021

Thank you for the overwhelming participation!
Together we are building high-quality habitats for pollinators and birds by planting native plants. 
The plant catalogs give detailed information on required growing conditions, height, width, and the ecological functions of over 80 different native prairie and woodland plants.

Plant Sale for Birds
coming in September 2022

It is best for trees to grow up in companionship with groundcovers or other trees and shrubs. It is ideal for a young tree to get planted with all the other plants around it at the same time. Layered landscapes look great, provide nesting sites and food for birds and are host plants for caterpillars. They benefit the life cycle of insects since the insects can fall safely onto the ground and bury themselves. We selected the shrubs because of their high value to birds and pollinators. We are happy that we can offer a wide variety of ground cover plants, of which some are hard to come by. Since the trees will still take some time to grow big it is also possible to plant a pollinator garden around them.

Pick-up will be at the same location as the tree giveaway and Spring sale: 3595 St. Clair Avenue East