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Former Plant Sale

To find the former catalogue that includes descriptions of the plants that were available April, 1st to 10th

Below find the Habitat and Growing Guide to the plants sold from April, 11th to 30th, 2021.

All plants we have sold are straight native species grown from seeds that have been ethically sourced.

Plants with the Butterfly-logo have been tested by us and are highly recommended because they are easy to grow and have high value for wildlife. These plants can create the base of your pollinator patch or a native plant garden to support bees, birds and butterflies. By planting them you will notice a big difference in wildlife activity. Easy to grow plants are very forgiving regarding soil and sun requirements and are a perfect choice to start a new pollinator patch.

Prairie Plants do best in full sun and will develop deep roots and are therefore very water efficient.

Some Woodland Plants will require rich soil to survive. Soil can be built by leaving the leaves, adding broken off sticks and branches on the soil and avoiding compacting it by not stepping onto the bed.

Wetland Edge Plants will thrive in rain gardens but will do well in a regular garden setting when watered as needed.

Within a category plants are organized by bloom time to make it easier to select plants for continuous bloom.

All plants are perennials unless otherwise stated.

It is best for pollinators to plant about three of the same plants in proximity. It is also more pleasing to the eye.

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