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Seed Mix

distributed at schools

We had the pleasure to plant native plants with the children at schools and gave the children a package of seeds.

We wanted the children to have easy success with them and therefore chose the following plants:

  • Native annual sunflowers

    • attract bees and butterflies

    • seeds will be eaten by song birds like goldfinches​ in fall and winter

    • grow up to 2 m tall but not wide

  • Calendula 

    • orange and yellow eatable flowers​

    • attract bees

    • 40 cm high

  • White and pink cosmos

    • attract all pollinators​

    • Goldfinches and other songbirds love their seeds

    • 1 m to 1.50 m tall

All plants need sun and attract native bees that will efficiently pollinate nearby vegetables and increase vegetable yield.

We have a lot of seeds for native plants as well and are very happy to share.

If you are interested please contact us.

 Public Schools

Beautiful Flower Beds and a Pollinator Canoe Will be Our First Project

With lots of space, incredible teachers and engaged students, we are in the planning stage of how the school can help bring back butterflies, hummingbirds and non-stinging native bees to the south-facing part of the schoolyard.

The schools need:

  • a rain barrel to collect water close to the flower beds

  • native seed and flower donations 

  • volunteers to water the young plants during the summer break (July and August)

  • some lumber and soil for raised beds

  • garden tools

If you can help out with your local school, please contact us.

Get Your
School to Grow a Pollinator Patch

Enrich the Curriculum With a Program That We Can Bring to Your School

We can help you grow native wildflowers on your school property and set up a native tree nursery. We offer detailed knowledge on site-specific issues concerning the crucial role native plants play in our ecosystem.


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