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Donate a few hours or

become a committed Butterfly Ranger or anything in-between and

connect with your neighbourhood! 

You don't need to have a garden to volunteer. Help with some planting, sowing, maybe some heavy lifting (if you can).

Help out with your communication skills, social media, writing or educational experience to create awareness about our work in the community.

Bring in ideas of potential sites, your gardening experience, connections, organizational or any practical skills. 

Above all - spread the word and share some ideas!

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Plant a Pollinator

Interested in adding more pollinator-friendly shrubs, trees, and flowers?

Do you have a sunny spot that can grow some native flowers? Maybe you are thinking of converting some lawn, adding some raised beds or adding some native flowers to the existing mix. Native plants fit in with any style of garden.


Maybe you want to change your shady woodland edges into a native wildflower paradise. 

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