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Rebecca McMackin
Director of Horticulture at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, NY
15. April 2020

This talk focuses on flowers, their functionality and communication. This beautiful, witty presentation will open your eyes to see ecology in a different way.

Robert Gegear, Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
April 2019

Understanding how to create landscapes that truly support pollinator biodiversity is a complex topic that goes way beyond observing bees buzzing for nectar around flowers. Rob Gegear gives us a great introduction to the intricacies of this subject, with a particular focus on our native bumblebees.

Trevor Smith
20. April 2020

As a landscaper Smith provides practical tools for every citizen to be part of the solutions to water infiltration problems, climate change, pollinator decline, biodiversity loss, soil toxicity to name a few.

Veronica Bowers, Director and Founder of Native Songbird Care and Conservation.

30.April 2020

With lots of experience Veronica explains how wildscaping with native plants can turn a patchwork of green spaces into a quilt of restored habitat. More native plants mean more choices of food and shelter for native birds, native pollinators and other wildlife. Be aware that the native plants selected are not applicable for eastern North America.

Dr. Laurence Packer, Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, York University

4. March 2020

Professor Packer is one of the most knowledgeable researchers in the field of native wild bees.

The Great Death of Insects
DW Documentary ( German TV)
October 2019

Study of how pollination effects apple quality and harvest.

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