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Webinar with Joyce Hostyn, a rewilder from Kingston, ON. She is also the force behind creating Miyawaki forests in Kingston. Read more below.

Joyce Hostyn 
Designing with Native Plant Communities

Plants are social beings who prefer to live in community, not just with other plants, but with pollinators, ants, and other wild creatures (including humans!). Learn about design principles for creating resilient, wildlife-friendly, layered ecological plant communities—whether a small sunny pocket meadow, the roof of a shed, a pollinator hedgerow, or a large front yard forest—inspired by meadows, alvars, shrublands, and forests. Start small. 
Begin a conversation with your land.
Joyce Hostyn is a Master Gardener, Permaculture Designer and rewilder who dreams of city streets lined with fruit and nut trees, wild parks and wild yards. She explores what it means to be in conversation with the edible forest garden on her lawn-free quarter acre lot. Joyce coaches people on foodscaping and wildscaping as a new approach to gardening in a changing climate. She helped design and plant Kingston's first two public food forests and now has her sights set on afforesting our city with Indigenous Little Forests. Her front yard Little Forest was featured in the Kingston Whig Standard.

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